A&R : Demo Policy
We love to receive your demos.
Please don’t send too much material to begin with, three of your best tracks is a great start.
We’re not able to reply individually to everyone, but we can assure you that all demos are reviewed and if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch.
In order to cut down on waste and ensure that demos are listened to in a timely manner, Goolyn will no longer accept demos by post.
If you are submitting a demo, please contact us by email first, then we will let you know how to hand your demo in.
We are unable to accept attachments so please do not send mp3′s or any other files, as they will not be listened to.
Send your demo submission request to: info[at]gtp.goolyn.com, then we will let you know the steps to upload your demo files.

Promos & Review Copies
Please contact ( Contact Form ) for information on our press mailing list.
* Please send us full details of what you’re looking for, we will try to forward your request to the correct person.



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