Goolyn Tree Productions

25 Fisherville Rd., North York, Ontario M2R 3B7 Canada  |  +1.647.695.4217

General enquiries: Contact Form
For all licensing and sync questions, please visit: Publishing and Licensing page.

Guest Lists / Backstage Passess
Goolyn is currently unable to provide guest list places or back stage passes for any live dates.

We’re very sorry, but we’re not able to help with requests for signed items or autographs. We get a huge volume of requests every day and it’s not practical for us to arrange this.

Job Vacancies
Thank you for your interest in working at Goolyn Tree Productions and Hamerca.
All job vacancies are advertised on this web site. Please only send your CV to us by email (info[at] if you’re applying for an advertised vacancy. Due to the high number of unsolicited CVs we receive daily we are unable to keep these on file and will only review CVs sent in application for an advertised post.

Work Experience
We would love to be able to assist with all requests for placements at Goolyn, unfortunately we get so many applications that it just isn’t possible. Unless you see a placement advertised on this site please assume that our quota is full for the year.



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